Crane & Co.

More than 200 years ago, Stephen Crane decided to make a statement. And it wasn’t with his fashion forward breeches or well-groomed mutton chops. It was with his Liberty Paper Mill, named so just two years after the British occupied Boston – and just five miles away. A tres bold move, if we do say so ourselves. Today, Crane & Co. still calls Dalton home, our 100 percent cotton paper still incites swoons, and we’re still making bold statements. Still not with breeches.

J.Crew | Blog: Gift of the Day (Discovered): Crane & Co. for J.Crew Greeting Cards


why send a thank-you text when you can send a good old-fashioned
thank-you note? the novelty alone will ensure you receive another
invitation (or gift) next year.
For the holidays, we teamed up with venerable Massachusetts-based stationer Crane
& Co.
to create our own assortment…
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